Friday, September 2, 2011

My 100th Post!

I’m too lazy to think of something awesome to write about for my 100th post, so here’s a list of my top ten favorite posts for your reading pleasure:

1. Hitler, Now With More Breast Tissue
This one is probably my number one post, if anything just because I love history and breasts, and I can’t even imagine how awesome that would have been. Just saying.

This is literally my most view post, and that’s because it is funny and sad, and has to do with breasts. What more could you ask for?

3. The Wine Rack, It Holds More Then Alcohol
I love this product, and I want it. Because who doesn’t want a sports bra that provides a push up. With ALCOHOL.

4. Reviews of the Miley… Well, You Know
Hahahahaha, I still laugh when I read these. Such quality product reviews. Makes me want to buy one for myself.

5. Boobs Crushing Cans?
I like this one if anything just for the video. The sound effects are truly fabulous.

6. If You Got ‘Em, Shake ‘Em
Those wacky Asians. Another truly, shakingly fabulous product.
The video on this is actually solid gold. The commercial sounds more like a promotion for children's snacks, and that makes it even better.

8. Disneyland: Now it’s REALLY the Happiest Place on Earth
I wrote this one after my trip to Disneyland, and now I wish I had thought to flash the camera. My dad would have been proud.

9. 1000 Ways to Die: Zapped Rack
I love all of my 1000 Ways to Die posts, and this one just makes me worried about the future. What if metal bras become a thing? We’re all doomed.

10. NSFW: Most Bras Taken Off and Put On In One Minute
Uhm, duh?

Read them. Love them. And read on!

Thanks for all the support guys!

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