Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Victoria Secret, People Are Stealing From You

Apparently Victoria's Secret is that she overprices bras, make them about half a size smaller then they actually are, and have super bad security.
Most Victoria Secret stores are manned by a small swarm of pretty, skinny, trendy young girls.
But what they really need is a security guy.

Recently, in two separate events, both within a week of each other, a total of over 150 bras were stolen from two different Victoria Secret's. Both thefts were done by a male-female team.

Picture from Flickr.com

That's just between the two heists, and that's not counting the small time crime.
Come on girls, step it up!
Take up weight lifting or something.

Anyhow, between the two thefts, the total of lost merchandise, which is still at large comes to over $7,000.

That's just crazy.
Guys. Don't steal bras. 
Just don't do it.


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