Friday, September 16, 2011

Canadian Woman Protests Censorship with Nakedness

Michelle Spero thinks the human body is gorgeous.

And she thinks the Ottawa Sun, a paper in Canada, doesn't feel quite the same.
So she took a stand.

A stand that occured while she was topless, in the Ottawa Sun's parking lot, while waving several copies of that paper that promoted the censorship or woman's nipples.
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She also had a pull-out section from one of the copies where the woman's nipples had been censored, featuring a topless man, in his full nipply glory. 

She also sent the writer of a Sun column, who referred to breasts as "bazongas", an angry message, most likely about his choice of words.

Spero says, "I thought the Sun was about news, but this is incredibly offensive." 

She also made her stance on toplessness even more clear by stating, "My bathing suit this summer consisted of a bottom, but no top."

She is a certifiable topless badass.

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